Life Insurance

Life Insurance       

Experior Click here for a life insurance quoteOne of our Experior Financial Advisors would be happy to assist with getting the Life Insurance coverage you need at rates you can afford.  Our Expert Advisors can get coverage for nearly anyone often without the need for medical tests.  Contact us today and we'll have an expert advisor in your area reach out to you for assistance.

Term Insurance and Permanent Insurance       

Term Insurance is best used under two circumstances:

1)      An individual requires the coverage for only a set period of time. For example: to pay off a mortgage, or replace a spouse income while the children in the home are still young.

2)      An individual has a limited budget and has a high need for insurance

Many people think that all life insurance is very expensive, but when you consider a term product for a  relatively healthy 35 year old male non-smoker could purchase $1,000,000 of 10 year term coverage for around $40.00 per month, it becomes much more affordable.

Permanent Insurance is best when there is a long term or permanent need. Here are some examples:

1)      Final expense or estate planning

2)      Wanted to leave a significant sum of money for a charity/children/grandchildren etc.

When it comes to permanent insurance the costs are significantly higher, as the insurance company MUST pay the claim regardless of your health turning for the worse or what age you reach, so long as you are making your payments. The same $1,000,000 for the gentleman we spoke of before however, would be looking at a monthly premium of around $600.00 per month depending on the other bells and whistles in the plan.

For the best value and service, Experior advisors have knowledge of all the products on the market and most of the companies that offer them. As advisor’s who have access to over 20 insurance companies, we are certain we have taken one item off your shopping list. Let us do the work for you!


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